“A Nightmare On Elm Street” Reboot Being Developed

“A Nightmare On Elm Street” Reboot
Photo Courtesy: UPI

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 10 (UPI) — New Line Cinema is developing a new Nightmare on Elm Street film 30 years after the original.

The current project is unrelated to the 2010 reboot of the same name.

According to The Wrap, this new Nightmare will be scripted by David Leslie Johnson, the writer behind 2009’s horror hit Orphan

Flame-scarred serial killer Freddy Krueger will once again return to haunt victims in their dreams.

This new film will feature a new, younger actor in the iconic role made famous by Robert Englund and played again in 2010 by Jackie Earle Haley. The recent film was panned by critics and a follow-up never materialized, despite grossing $115 million worldwide .


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