Brainiac enters the fight in new ‘Injustice 2’ cinematic trailer

Batman in the latest cinematic trailer for "Injustice 2." The video features the Dark Knight squaring off against Robin. Photo courtesy of Injustice/YouTube

Jan. 17 (UPI) — The battle lines have been redrawn in the new cinematic trailer for DC Comics’ upcoming fighting game sequel, “Injustice 2.”

The clip, released Tuesday, features the narration of the planet-collecting Brainiac as he recounts the events from the first game that saw heroes and villains choosing sides between Batman and Superman as they fought for control of earth.

“The line between hero and villain has become blurred as the most epic battle in the DC universe rages on in ‘Injustice 2.’ While Batman has emerged the victor in his battle against the Regime, a new threat arises and poses the ultimate threat to Earth,” reads the synopsis.

The trailer also features cinematic battles between Batman and Robin and Supergirl and Wonder Woman along with looks at villains Bane, Poison Ivy and the all-powerful Darkseid who can be used a playable character to those who pre-order the game.

“Injustice 2” is set to arrive for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One on May 16.


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