California Man Creates Working Flame-Fueled Lightsaber

Working Flame-Fueled Lightsaber
California engineer Allen Pan, known for creating a "real" version of Thor's hammer, posted a video to his YouTube page Sufficiently Advanced showing him testing a working lightsaber.Photo By Sufficiently Advanced/YouTube

VENICE BEACH, Calif., Dec. 22 (UPI) — The same man who created a functional model of Thor’s hammer has created a working lightsaber in honor of the new Star Wars film.

California Engineer and owner of YouTube channel Sufficiently Advanced Allen Pan posted a video of him testing out the flame-fueled sword.

Pan begins the video by using the flame to light a cigarette and remarking how scary wielding the sword feels. He later demonstrates the lightsaber in action by using it to pop stormtrooper balloons and burn a photo of Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks.

The flame is produced using a methanol/acetone fuel mixture and uses butane as a propellant. Pan also demonstrates how different chemicals can produce different color flames representing the weapons used by various Jedi.

It is activated by a switch on a model lightsaber base that opens and closes a valve while also producing sound effects similar to those used in the films.


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