‘Jeopardy’ Bans Canadian Contestants

'Jeopardy' Bans Canadian
Canadian Alex Trebek Hosts TV's Jeopardy / Photo Courtesy: UPI.com

HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 22, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Canadians are currently banned from being contestants on TV’s “Jeopardy.”

According to the official “Jeopardy!” website: Canadian contestants are currently ineligible to compete on the popular quiz show.

“At this time we are precluded from accepting registration information from Canadian residents,” the website’s FAQ explains. “We are currently evaluating this matter.”

“Jeopardy” is concerned about violating Canada’s new online privacy regulations and is taking the matter into consideration.

“It is true that for the most recent “Jeopardy!” contestant tryouts, Canadians were precluded from taking the online test, since the show must now comply with new rules set down by the Canadian government,” show host Alex Trebek, a native Canadian, told the Ottawa Citizen.

Trebek continued, “We have had many Canadians as contestants throughout the history of the show, and we hope that will continue, because Canadians make great game show contestants.”


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