Cate Blanchett Admits to Having Relationships with Women

Cate Blanchett Admits to Having Relationships with Women
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Cate Blanchett Admits to Having Relationships with Women

NEW YORK – May 13,2015 (UPI) — Cate Blanchett┬árevealed she has had intimate relationships with women while discussing her new project.

The actress is starring in Carol, a film adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novelThe Price of Salt, where she falls into a secret romance with a department store employee, played by Rooney Mara.

During an interview with Variety, Blanchett was asked if this role was her “first turn” as a lesbian, the actress responded, “On film — or in real life?”

After being pressed for details, she answered, “Yes, many times,” when asked about having past relationships with women.

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The actress, who has been married to Andrew Upton for 18 years, doesn’t think of labels when it comes to sexual orientation. “I never thought about it,” she explained on how she thought of her character. “I don’t think Carol thought about it.”

As far as the movie goes, there will be a love scene between the two actresses, but nothing too racy, Blanchett assure viewers.

“It’s not ‘Blue is the Warmest Color,'” she said, comparing it to the 2013 Cannes hit about a lesbian romance. “That’s not the ambition of the film.”

The Cinderella actress hopes that instead, the film will break misconceptions about female-driven movies and their appeal to a wide audience.

She explains that getting the film made was not an easy task. “Midrange films with women at the center are tricky to finance. There are a lot of people laboring under the misapprehension that people don’t want to see them, which isn’t true,” she said.

Carol will debut May 17 at the Cannes Film Festival.


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