CBS developing ‘Northern Exposure’ revival

John Corbett and Rob Morrow. Photo: Flickr/Alan Light

Nov. 23 (UPI) — The fish-out-of-water dramedy “Northern Exposure” is the latest long-canceled show set for a revival.

CBS is developing new episodes of the show with its original star Rob Morrow onboard to reprise his role of Dr. Joel Fleischman, reported.

Variety said the story will find Joel returning to Alaska from New York for the funeral of a friend.

Morrow will produce the sequel series, along with his former co-star John Corbett, who played disc jockey Chris Stevens.

Corbett has not signed on to act in the reboot, however.

“Northern Exposure” initially ran 1990-95, and co-starred Barry CorbinJanine Turner, John Cullum, Darren E. Burrows, Cynthia Geary, Elaine Miles and Peg Phillips.

Other shows recently brought back years after their finales aired include “Full House,” “Twin Peaks,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Will & Grace,” “Roseanne” and “Murphy Brown.”


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