David Lynch to Release Memoir / Biography in 2017

David Lynch to Release Memoir / Biography in 2017
David Lynch and wife Emily Stofle / Photo Courtesy: UPI.com

LOS ANGELES – October 19, 2015 — (UPI) — David Lynch will release the book Life & Work in 2017.

The 69-year-old director teamed with journalist Kristine McKenna on the project, which will be part memoir, part biography. McKenna started writing about Lynch following his first feature-length film, Eraserhead, in 1977.

“There’s a lot of [expletive] out there about me, in books and all over the Internet,” the director said in a statement. “I want to get all the information in one place, so if someone wants to know something, they can find it here.”

The memoir sections will see Lynch describe his creative process, struggles and growth as a director, while McKenna’s portion will feature interviews with the filmmaker’s friends, family members, former wives and artistic collaborators.

“His approach to this book is as unique as I would have hoped it to be, and I am fascinated to see where it goes,” Grand Central Publishing executive editor Ben Greenberg said.

In addition to Eraserhead, Lynch is known for Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart and Mulholland Drive. He also co-created the ABC series Twin Peaks with Mark Frost, and is writing and directing a revival for Showtime due to premiere in 2016 or 2017.


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