A “Die Hard” Christmas

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A “Die Hard” Christmas





You are Going to Die Hard for a “Die Hard” Christmas.

We are continuing this Christmas countdown by choosing our number ten Christmas movie that you should watch.  This is a classic kick butt now ask questions later kind of movie that is sure to still show you the love of a Christmas story and family. Our number ten movie is none other than the famous:

Die Hard Christmas

John McClane (Bruce Willis) is the apparent modern day “Scrooge” in this Die Hard Christmas Special and he is that way because his wife is no longer using his last name but now her maiden name. “Die Hard” is the perfect Christmas movie because it is loaded, front to back, with Christmas imagery. I mean there are so many Christmas trees in this movie, most are tiny but they’re all fully lit and totally cinematic. There are decorations all around the building, and the movie is one of the few to truthfully recreate the drunken, sloppy, under-the-mistletoe flirtatiousness of a work Christmas party.

Now the best part of the movie is that McClane is able to use these decorations:

  • He taunts the thieves by sending a corpse down the elevator wearing a Santa hat and his sweatshirt reads “Now I Have a Machine Gun Ho-Ho-Ho”
  • Also at the end of the movie he saves the day he saves the day by affixing a gun to his back using gift wrapping tape.

Bruce Willis mirrors the role of Old St. Nick in a way. St. Nick travels down a chimney and Willis makes his way down a steely, multi-veined ventilation system. St. Nick gives people presents and Willis presents the people with the best present ever; their lives. St. Nick gives a jolly Ho-Ho-Ho and Willis laughs a lot, and instead of his being a Ho-Ho-Ho he gives more of a yippe-ki-yay.

Now there aren’t any carolers and not even one single singing reindeer or tiny elf, yet there is just enough Christmas to put you in the Christmas spirit, without ever drowning you in it. Even though it released in the dead of summer.


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