Donald Trump Sings Praises for Kanye West and Tom Brady

Republican Candidate for President of the United States Donald Trump speaks at a press conference at Trump Tower in New York City on September 3, 2015. U.S. presidential hopeful Donald Trump on Thursday signed a pledge not to run as an independent candidate if he loses the Republican Party nomination. Photo by John Angelillo/UPI | License Photo

NEW YORK, NY – September 4, 2015 (UPI) — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump discussed his admiration for New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady and hip-hop artist Kanye West Thursday during a news conference.

The New York event was highlighted by Trump signing a loyalty pledge for the Republican party — assuring GOP leaders he won’t seek the nomination of any other party, or as an independent, should he be defeated in next year’s primaries.

The real estate magnate also took the opportunity to discuss his affection for NFL quarterback Tom Brady and how the star athlete is happy after a federal judge nullified his four-game suspension over the DeflateGate scandal.

“Tom Brady is a very good friend of mine,” Trump said. “He’s a great guy, for those of you who don’t know him. He’s an honorable guy and an honest guy and a truly great athlete. He is really a very good friend of mine and I just spoke to him a little while ago, he’s so thrilled and so happy.”

A fan of outspoken personalities such as himself, Trump also spoke highly of Kanye West, who announced that he was running for president in 2020 during MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sunday. Trump himself is even looking forward to possibly running against West in the future.

“Kanye West, I’ll never say bad about him, you know why? Because he loves Trump,” Trump said Thursday. “He goes around saying, ‘Trump is my all-time hero,’ he goes around saying that to everybody, so Kanye West, I love him. Maybe in a few years I’ll have to run against him, I don’t know, so I’ll take that back.”


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