Gal Gadot listened to Beyonce before Wonder Woman audition

Gal Gadot attends the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards on January 8, 2017. In a new interview, Gadot admits to using Beyonce music to prepare for her Wonder Woman audition. File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI

April 13 (UPI) — Gal Gadot has admitted to jamming out to Beyonce before taking part in her audition for Wonder Woman.

“When I auditioned for ‘Batman v Superman,’ I didn’t know it was for Wonder Woman,” the actress says of her experience trying out for the iconic character in the latest issue of W Magazine.

“The director, Zack Snyder, asked me to do a camera test. That was torture. They were looking at six or seven girls, and we were all in separate trailers and were told to stay inside until they called us. Waiting is my enemy Number One, and I was losing my mind. So, I decided to put on Beyonce,” she continued.

“Who runs the world? Girls! I just started to dance, and I let my anxiety go. Thank you, Beyonce.”

The audition lead to Gadot getting the role and starring as the warrior princess in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Gadot will be returning as Wonder Woman in her own solo film directed by Patty Jenkins and in superhero ensemble picture “Justice League.”

“You couldn’t have invented a more perfect ­Wonder Woman than Gal,” Jenkins says of her star. “It sound strange, but Gal is so clean—so pure—but it’s not for lack of wisdom or information. Like Wonder Woman, she is beautiful, kind, and strong. It’s a choice to stay so spiritually clean. Gal instinctively understands that choice.”

“Wonder Woman,” due in theaters June 2, also stars Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright.

“Wonder Woman is different. On this film, we went back to Diana’s backstory – to her history, her coming of age. How did Diana become Wonder Woman,” Gadot said previously of the project.

“But with this character, what I love about her so much is that her agenda is love. It’s not about fighting, it’s not about who is stronger than whom; it’s not about women versus men,” she continued. “It’s about love, and acceptance of others. She stands for love, justice and compassion.”


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