George Clooney was ‘furious’ about paparazzi photos of twins

George Clooney (R) and Amal Clooney attend the Cannes International Film Festival screening of "Money Monster" on May 12, 2016. The actor discussed the media frenzy surrounding his life with Amal Clooney and their children in a new interview. File Photo by David Silpa/UPI

Sept. 6 (UPI) — George Clooney says he was “furious” after paparazzi captured photos of his infant twins over the summer.

The 56-year-old actor discussed the media frenzy surrounding his life with wife Amal Clooney and their children, daughter Ella and son Alexander, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter published Wednesday.

“Every single day there’s some crazy sort of infringement,” he told the magazine. “And you go, ‘OK, we’ll eat it. That’s what we have to do.’ But when someone breaks the law, that’s beyond what we bargained for, beyond the pact I made: that when you’re famous, you’re going to be followed. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be furious.”

Clooney vowed to sue in July after Voici magazine published images of Amal and the twins inside their home in Lake Como, Italy. He said in a statement to TMZ at the time that the paparazzi took photos from trees outside their house.

“Over the last week photographers from Voici magazine scaled our fence, climbed our tree and illegally took pictures of our infants inside our home. Make no mistake the photographers, the agency and the magazine will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” the star promised.

Clooney and Amal married in Venice, Italy, in September 2014, and welcomed Ella and Alexander in June. The couple and their family have been the subject of much media attention since they were first linked in 2013.

“You know, people say, ‘Just put a hat on [to avoid paparazzi],’ but that doesn’t work for us,” Clooney told THR. “It’s a little like being in a parade, and it’s not easy — particularly for [Amal] — because, in general, we live a very private life.”

“You see a red light outside your bedroom window at night and you look outside and realize a camera is looking inside your bedroom,” he added of a recent incident where paparazzi attempted to capture photos with a drone. “We caught the guy.”


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