Hacker Targets Katy Perry’s Twitter Account, Mentions Taylor Swift

Katy Perry's popular Twitter account was hacked Monday. File Photo by John Angelillo/UPI | License Photo

WASHINGTON, May 31 (UPI) — A hacker successfully gained access to Twitter’s most-followed account, which belongs to Katy Perry, sending out random messages and a leaked song from the artist.

Perry’s camp has since regained control over the account after the hack Monday, but not before the alleged hacker tweeted at the artist’s rumored rival, Taylor Swift.

According to reports, the hacker mentioned Swift in a now-deleted tweet reading “miss u baby,” sent out to her 89 million followers while allegedly promoted his or her own account, @sw4ylol. The user also reportedly tweeted the hashtag “#hackersgonnahack.”

Screenshots of the string of hacked tweets, including a series of emojis, references to a gang and homophobic slurs, were shared online following the incident.

The leaked song, which the hacker uploaded to SoundCloud, was soon after taken down due to copyright complaints by Universal Music Group, according to his or her Twitter account. Alongside a screenshot of the notification SoundCloud was taking the single down, the user wrote “Lol.”

Perry’s account has not yet acknowledged the security breach. Her latest tweet was in honor of Memorial day.


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