Happy birthday ‘Howard the Duck’; film turns 30 today

"Howard the Duck" poster. Photo Courtesy: Dimension Films

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Aug. 1, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — The George Lucas-produced flop that became a cult classic, “Howard the Duck,” is 30 years old today.

In the film, a scientific experiment unknowingly brings extraterrestrial life forms to the Earth through a laser beam. First is the cigar smoking drake Howard from the ducks planet. A few kids try to keep him from the greedy scientists and help him back to his planet. But then a much less friendly being arrives through the beam.

“Howard the Duck” stars Lea Thompson, Jeffery Jones, Tim Robbins and Chip Zien as the voice of Howard.

On the DVD commentary for the film, one of the commentators claims that George Lucas reassured him that the project would, in 20 years, be seen as a masterpiece.

As of the year 2012 the film was still considered one of the worst ever made, in fact “Howard the Duck” was nominated for seven Golden Raspberry Awards in 1986 including Worst Director (Willard Huyck), Worst Original Song (“Howard the Duck”) and Worst Supporting Actor (Tim Robbins). The picture won four Razzies, these were for Worst New Star (“the six guys and gals in the duck suit”), Worst Visual Effects, Worst Screenplay, and Worst Picture, which it tied with Prince’s “Under the Cherry Moon” (1986).


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