Harvey Weinstein suing Weinstein Company to obtain records

Harvey Weinstein sued The Weinstein Company seeking the access to his email account and personnel file, which he plans to use to defend himself and the company in lawsuits regarding multiple accusations of sexual assault that led to his firing. Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI

Oct. 26 (UPI) — Harvey Weinstein filed a lawsuit against The Weinstein Company on Thursday seeking access to his personnel file and email account.

In the suit, filed in Delaware, Weinstein said access to his emails will help him defend himself and the company from lawsuits after he was fired on Oct. 8 amid multiple accusations of sexual harassment and rape.

“Mr. Weinstein believes that his email account – which is the primary, if not only, account he used during the term of his employment by the Company – will contain information exonerating him, and therefore the Company, from claims that may be asserted against him or the Company,” the suit states.

The suit also states that any “unjustified settlements or judgments” in present or future lawsuits will diminish his economic interest in the company as considers a sale in the wake of reports about his misconduct.

“In addition, press reports have indicated that the Board is exploring a sale of the Company,” the suit states. “If the Board agrees to sell the Company for less than it would be worth because of the threat of unsubstantiated or false allegations, Mr. Weinstein will receive less than he should have received as a Member.”

Weinstein also seeks acces to his personnel file, which he believes has been leaked to the media.

“By obtaining his personnel file, Mr. Weinstein can confirm that the information being reported in the press could have come only from his personnel file, and then pursue potential claims against the Company and its Representatives or officers for mismanagement by leaking confidential Company information,” his attorney said in the complaint.

A letter attached to the complaint noted the possibility that Weinstein may sue the company for wrongful termination.

Weinstein also requested the Delaware court expedite a hearing for his demands.


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