Hillary Clinton Plays Bartender, Sings ‘Lean On Me’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’ Season Premiere

Hillary Clinton Plays Bartender
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton applauds a speaker at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 45th annual Legislative Conference Phoenix Awards Dinner on Sept.19, 2015 in Washington, D.C. Pool photo by Aude Guerrucci/UPI | License Photo

NEW YORK, Oct. 4 (UPI) — Hillary Clinton showed off her playful side by portraying a bartender named Val on this weekend’s Season 41 premiere of Saturday Night Live.

Val is seen pouring drinks and listening to the troubles of pub patron and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon.

“I needed to blow off steam. I’ve had a hard couple of 22 years,” McKinnon as Clinton said.

“Why? What do you do for a living?” Val wanted to know.

“First, I am a grandmother. Second, I am a human, entrusted with this one, green earth,” Clinton replied.

“Oh, I get it. You’re a politician,” Val said.

“Yes, and how about you?” Clinton inquired.

“Me? I’m just an ordinary citizen who believes the Keystone Pipeline will destroy our enviornment,” Val shared.

“I agree with you there. It did take me a long time to decide that, but I am against it,” Clinton said.

“Nothing wrong with taking your time. What’s important is getting it right,” Val said, realizing she never checked Clinton’s identification to see how old she was before serving her alcohol.

“ID? Please! I have a 1-year-old granddaughter. She calls me Madam President,” Clinton said.

“I never would have guessed. You give off such a young, cool vibe,” Val assured her.

Another bartender then approached Clinton, said his sister is gay and thanked the politician for all she has done to support gay marriage.

“It really is great how long you have supported gay marriage,” Val said.

“I could have supported it sooner,” Clinton admitted.

“Well, you did it pretty soon,” Val insisted.

“Could have been sooner,” Clinton said with a wink, before giving Val a fist bump of friendship.

The candidate then went on to complain about how all anyone wants to talk about regarding the 2016 election is Republican candidate Donald Trump.

“Isn’t he the one who’s like: ‘Uhhh. You’re all losers?’ Do you think he’ll win the primaries?” Val asked.

“He must. I want to be the one to take him down. I will destroy him and I will mount his hair in the Oval Office,” Clinton said before she and Val broke into a rendition of the song “Lean on Me.”


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