J.J. Abrams explains Kylo Ren’s thoughts during scene with Han Solo in ‘The Force Awakens’

J.J. Abrams attending the premiere of the sci-fi motion picture thriller "Star Trek Beyond" on July 20, 2016. In a new director's commentary track, Abrams explained Kylo Ren's thoughts when he meets Han Solo. File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 19 (UPI) — J.J. Abrams has revealed in a new “Force Awakens” director’s commentary track what Kylo Ren is thinking when he is confronted by Han Solo.

“People have asked me if I thought Kylo Ren was just playing with him the whole time, if he meant to kill him from the beginning,” Abrams explains, according to USA Today, on an upcoming 3D collector’s edition of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” as Han Solo (Harrison Ford) approaches his son Kylo Ren (Adam Driver).

“The truth is, I think that Kylo Ren in this moment is actually being convinced to walk away from this,” he continues about how Solo tries to get Kylo Ren to leave behind the Dark Side and Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) and come back home.

“Snoke is, as Han says, using him and I think that somewhere Ben knows this. But I think that he can’t accept it. Deep down, he has gone too far,” he states.

The director even observes how the pivotal scene sets up how a death was imminent and how it calls back to previous films in the franchise.

“Obviously any time two characters in Star Wars go out on an incredibly thin bridge 10 miles above the ground with no railings, it’s not going to end well with one of them,” Abrams says.

The 3D collector’s edition of “The Force Awakens” is set to arrive in stores Nov. 15.

The aftermath of Kylo Ren’s meeting with Han Solo will further be explored in the upcoming sequel “Star Wars: Episode VIII,” which is due in theaters Dec. 15, 2017. The film is being directed by Rian Johnson in place of Abrams.

“Their temperaments are different,” Driver said previously of the two directors. “I feel like there were so many moving pieces in the first one — just trying to solve it and set the vocabulary for what it was. There’s a lot of that anxiety gone, because people have developed a language.”

“I think it’s more of a testament to Rian coming into something very established and making it [his own],” he continued. “I can’t wait to get on set, just because he’s so unassuming and intelligent and approachable. The script they’ve come up with is really great.”


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