Jared Leto says he feels he was ‘tricked into being a part of the film’

Jared Leto as 'The Joker' in "Suicide Squad." Photo Courtesy: Warner Bros. PIctures

MALIBU, Calif., Aug. 17, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — The Joker’s alter ego, Jared Leto, wasn’t joking when he told a group of Thirty Seconds To Mars fans that he feels “tricked” by the film.

The “Suicide Squad” star has been attending the second annual Camp Mars, a camp-themed mini-festival held in Malibu, for Mars fans.

The Oscar-winning actor/musician shared some of his thoughts about “Suicide Squad” on a Jared Leto fansite on Tumblr, via Batman-News, who reported Leto told attendees he felt  “sort of tricked into being a part of something that had been pitched to him very differently.” The site said Leto revealed he is “overwhelmed by all the hate regarding the look and choices.”

According to the fansite, Leto has yet to see the film.


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