VIDEO: Jay Leno Unharmed After Crashing In ‘Bucket List’ Car

Comedian Jay Leno and drag racing star Bob Riggle get going in Riggle's Hemi Under Glass. The car rolled multiple times, but neither was hurt. The video will air Wednesday on the premier of "Jay Leno's Garage" on CNBC. Photo from Jay Leno/YouTube

LOS ANGELES, June 27 (UPI) — Car crazed comedian Jay Leno marked another car ride off his bucket list, but not before crashing in it.

The crash scene, which will air on the upcoming premiere of Jay Leno’s Garage, shows Leno as he sits in the passenger seat of the 2,500-horsepower Hemi Under Glass while world renowned drag racer Bob Riggle takes the wheel, then crashes.

Both Leno and Riggle walked away unharmed. The car, however, is another story, Entertainment reported.

The dragster, which gets up on its back wheels, rolled multiple times in the clip, after which Leno cracked jokes while paramedics checked he and Riggle out for injuries.

“That was certainly exciting,” Leno says, speaking to the camera. “Stuff to do when you’re 80, we’ll call this.” Riggle is 80 years old.

In the video, Leno says driving in the Baracuda Hemi Under Glass has been on his bucket list since he was a kid. The engine is under glass in the back of the car which allows the front to come up.

Riggle was always the guy that could “regularly get it up.. you know, on two wheels,” Leno joked.


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