Jimmy Fallon Shares Dentist-Chair Selfie After Chipping Tooth

Jimmy Fallon Chipping Tooth
Photo Courtesy: UPI.com
Photo Courtesy: UPI.com
Photo Courtesy: UPI.com

NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2015 (UPI) — Comedian and talk-show host Jimmy Fallon revealed on Facebook he has suffered another mishap after hurting his hand earlier this summer.

“Chipped front tooth trying to open tube of scar tissue repair gel for recovering finger injury. Thank you Dr. Jobe DDS! ‪#‎BestSummerEver‬ Brand new Tonight Show tonight!” Fallon captioned Friday’s photo of himself in a dentist’s chair and wearing a bib.

Fallon, 40, tripped and almost ripped off his finger trying to break his fall in June. He underwent surgery and spent 10 days in a hospital intensive-care unit before returning to work on The Tonight Show.


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