John Cena would ‘love to’ portray Vince McMahon in upcoming biopic

May 13 (UPI) — John Cena has stated that his dream acting role would be portraying WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon as part of an upcoming biopic.

“There is a story out there about the life and times of Vince McMahon. Man, I think it is a wonderful script from word one,” the WWE Superstar said of the planned biopic during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter to promote his latest film, “The Wall.”

“But unfortunately, that would be something I’d love to do, but I feel maybe a different actor should do that movie, just because of how powerful the story is, and I would hate for the audience to feel that it is a WWE-produced product. And that’s not in a bad way, it’s just I want them to feel the emotion that I felt reading the script,” Cena continued.

“I can just tell you that it’s out there and that it’s awesome and man, if it were all different, I would certainly love to step into Vince’s shoes.”

The biopic, announced in April, is titled “Pandemonium” and will follow the life and times of McMahon as he builds a professional wrestling empire. The drama from Sony Pictures, will be directed by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra from a script by Craig A. Williams. WWE Studios is also involved.

“The Wall,” now in theaters, features Cena as a solider in Iraq alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson. In the film, the 40-year-old is injured by a hidden enemy sniper, leaving it up to Taylor-Johnson to keep his friend alive and to take out the sniper before its too late.

“When civilians watch it, they do get a bit of a re-education process of how intense and powerful combat can be, even the game of psychological chess,” Cena says of “The Wall.” “In times of unrest, we seem to come together as a nation through great patriotism and in times of peace, we seem to fall back a little bit. That’s perfectly natural because it’s not at the forefront. But there are still men and women out there protecting the freedoms we live under. If it does anything to re-stimulate that appreciation, I’ll be very thankful.”


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