Jon Gosselin Explains Job at TGI Friday’s: ‘I Like to Cook’

Jon Gosselin / Photo Courtesy:

READING, Pa., July 21 (UPI) — Jon Gosselin says he took a job at TGI Friday’s because he likes to cook.

The 39-year-old former “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star defended his job at the chain restaurant Wednesday after a co-worker leaked a photo of him working at the location in Lancaster, Pa.

“I only work there eight hours a week, because I like to do it,” Gosselin told Entertainment Tonight. “Why can’t I work at a restaurant? I like to cook.”

“I see the picture and I’m wondering who leaked it,” he admitted. “But whatever. I just laugh. I have nothing to hide. I have a super supportive girlfriend, my family is great. My kids love me. I have a pretty simple life.”

Gosselin had confirmed the reports that morning on 103.7’s “Kannon and Sybil,” saying he took the job to help a friend. He also revealed he donates his paychecks to different charities, including the Children’s Miracle Network.

“I love cooking, so my buddy calls me and asks me [because he] needs help in the kitchen. So, I’m like, ‘Yeah,'” the star related. “I’m really happy that TGI hired me for my cooking ability, and not for who I am.”

“I only work there two days a week, so I took my paycheck and I would just donate to charity,” he said. “So, I did it not for the money, I did it because I’m passionate about cooking. I really didn’t make a lot of money there.”

Gosselin works full-time as a DJ and is now taking a two-week break from TGI Friday’s. He told 103.7 the leaked photo broke his trust in his co-workers, but also told ET he hopes to return to the restaurant.

Gosselin came to fame on TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” which was renamed “Kate Plus 8” after his divorce from Kate Gosselin. The DJ revealed in June his relationship with Kate and their eight children is strained.


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