Justin Bieber Crashes High School Prom

Justin Bieber Crashes High School Prom

Justin Bieber Crashes High School Prom

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LOS ANGELES, April 27 (UPI) — Best. Prom. Ever.

We can only imagine that’s what every student from Chatsworth High School in Los Angeles was thinking when Justin Bieber made an appearance at their school dance over the weekend.

The Chatsworth senior class tweeted at Bieber posting: “Justin Bieber showing up at our prom? I think we know who had the best prom this year.”

The party crasher responded: @CCHSRoyals always wanted to go to prom. Thanks for having me. #promcrasher 🙂bieber prom

Most excited students took to social media to share their experience. Bieber reposted some fan videos from the night.

One lucky girl even got to share a dance with the “Baby” singer.


The 21-year-old admitted in the April issue of Men’s Health that becoming famous at such a young age contributed in him missing out on certain things.

“I had to grow up so quick. And it was almost like I grew up for the public but I didn’t necessarily grow up. There were things I had to do, as far as the way I had to make relationships, and conversation, but as far as actually growing up, there were a lot of things I missed out on.”

Luckily, Bieber can just stop by a prom without being invited and participate in the festivities.

Good luck future classes of Chatsworth High, it’ll be hard to top this year’s special attendee.


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