‘Knight Before Christmas’: Vanessa Hudgens falls for time traveler in first trailer

Nov. 7 (UPI) — Netflix is giving a glimpse of Vanessa Hudgens in “The Knight Before Christmas.”The streaming service released a first trailer Thursday featuring Hudgens as Brooke, a modern day woman who falls for Cole (Josh Whitehouse), a man who says he is a medieval knight.The preview shows Brooke (Hudgens) and Cole (Whitehouse) flirt as Brooke introduces the 14th century knight to modern life. Brooke begins to believe that Cole could be a real time traveler.

“What if Cole really is who he says he is? What if there are things beyond our comprehension?” she asks a friend.

“The Knight Before Christmas” is directed by Monika Mitchell and co-stars Emmanuelle Chriqui, Harry Jarvis and Ella Kenion. Hudgens and Mitchell said in an interview with Refinery29 that Brooke is an independent woman with romantic sensibilities.

“The character was really appealing to me because she is a strong, logical, intelligent, young woman who is looking for love but isn’t someone who needs to be rescued,” the actress said.

“Brooke is not someone who is trying to escape her life,” Mitchell added. “We wanted to show that you can still really need someone and fall in love with them even if you don’t need to be saved from yourself.”

“The Knight Before Christmas” premieres Nov. 21. Hudgens previously starred in the Netflix holiday movie “The Princess Switch,” and will return in a sequel, “The Princess Switch: Switched Again.”


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