Kristen Wiig has trouble singing ‘Hallelujah’ on ‘Late Late Show’

Kristen Wiig butchered "Hallelujah" while appearing on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" Wednesday. File Photo by Rune Hellestad/ UPI

Dec. 7 (UPI) — Kristen Wiig had a hard time singing Leonard Cohen‘s “Hallelujah” alongside James Corden Wednesday on “The Late Late Show.”

Corden, announced before the botched performance that the pair were singing the song together in order to bring joy to the world during a dark time.

“Anyone paying attention to the news these days knows that we’re in turbulent times,” the late night host said. “And maybe, just maybe with this song we can start to heal our nation.”

Wiig, however, proved unable to pronounce hallelujah and instead belted out the word as “Holy-how-ya” and then later “Holy-luau.”

The comedian’s mistakes kept ruining the planned theatrics of the performance — including the use of flying doves and pyrotechnics.

“I do not know who will bring about world peace, but it won’t be us!” Corden said in frustration. “James, don’t let ISIS win,” Wiig said in response.

Corden, after practicing how to say the word with Wiig, restarted the performance again but then quickly shut it down after an added gospel choir began singing “Hello, Julia.”

“I might have warmed them up earlier,” Wiig said about working with the choir beforehand.


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