LaVonne Wells: Good Grief

LaVonne Wells: Good Grief

Sunday Spotlight: LaVonne Wells: Good Grief

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – July 19, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) — LaVonne Wells is a speaker, intuitive and empowerment liaison specializing in leadership and ‘all things angels.’

One of the aspects of her work is called ‘Grieve2Honor’ which emerged as a result of the despair experienced through the loss of her daughter. It inspired LaVonne to help other parents learn how to express sorrow in a healthy manner, while allowing the action of healing to commence.

Courtesy: LaVonne Wells
Courtesy: LaVonne Wells

Her ability to connect to the spirit while providing compassionate understanding and insightful answers during a time of need makes LaVonne’s services a rare find. She helps individuals move forward in a positive way by allowing the process to simply unfold naturally, as it should.

LaVonne recognizes that we hold all answers within ourselves but acts as a catalyst to help men and women find clarity and awaken resolutions that currently lay dormant. Her intuitive abilities began as a child who experienced many challenges yet worked through them with the full acceptance that she was never alone. Now, she hopes to instill this same knowledge in everyone.

She adamantly enjoys watching the delightful way life begins to unfold as a result of people becoming more tuned in to him or herself.

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  1. This is the first time I have heard LaVonne’s story in its entirety. What beautiful determination it must take to go through something this life altering and be able to come out of it a better and stronger person. To share her story with and provide support for others who have gone through similar scenarios, makes her truly inspirational. The world needs more beautiful souls like LaVonne. -Thank you for sharing!!

  2. LaVonne’s story is inspiring and she is an inspiration. She is passionate about helping others find peace and joy in their lives, in spite of loss. She is more of a guide than a teacher. She respects each person’s individual journey and shares healthy patterns for healing. You can’t help but be a better person by knowing her.

  3. LaVonne, that’s such a powerful story and you tell it with so much love! I can feel your strength radiate throughout it all. Thank you for supporting those who deal with grief … You are a true Earth Angel!

    • Thank you Yvonne for supporting my life’s work. I learned a lot from my experience and just want to share any insights that may assist others through their healing process.

  4. LaVonne,

    Your personal experience with the loss of your child is something that many can’t begin to comprehend. Yet you share from the heart, this journey, with others who are grieving from the loss of a loved one. Your courage and strength paired with your determination to “be quiet and listen to God’s voice”, has given you such a beautiful ability to manifest love from the inside out. It is a beautiful site to behold such powerful love. But to share this love so freely with others in hopes to help contribute to the healing process, is a powerful demonstration of the “Rippling Effect” that I talk about in my book Dying to Fit In. It’s not always an easy road to walk the talk so THANK YOU LAVONNE for taking that harder road as all who hear your story will be blessed!!!!

  5. I can’t even imagine having to make the decision that LaVonne had to make. As you listen to her story you hear that it was the spirit that guided her…the spirit of her sweet baby that told her it was time to let go. I believe that Kiva’s spirit is still with LaVonne, encouraging her to share her story with others that desire to learn how to Grieve2Honor.

  6. What a touching video! Thank you, LaVonne, for sharing your story. And for being so beautifully brave to help others grieving find a way to honor their lost loved ones by feeling the grief. You are a beautiful, strong, inspiring person!

  7. Lavonne is an amazing woman! She inspires and she has been blessed with a true divine gift as a friend , a student she has done wonders for me personally she reconnected me with the Angels ~ and I have seen divine light come through in her classes. If you have a chance to meet her you will see that she can assist you in grief – life & purpose-

    Michelle King
    Angelic Lightworks

  8. The ability to turn such a horrific experience into a “silver lining” experience, if you will, certainly showcases exactly that; a powerful woman. I believe people are chosen to do certain things in life. Knowing when your intuition/higher power/God/Angel/etc is speaking to you and going with it is something one can’t teach. You have such love and power that just exudes through and through you!
    Thank you for inspiring me!

  9. A few months back I was able to hear LaVonne share her
    story. Hearing again felt like I was feeling the same feelings I felt the first time I heard it. LaVonne speaks a universal language when it comes to hope and life beyond mortality. In the past few years I have lost a brother to suicide and a grandson who was full-term, who never got to open his eyes in this world. LaVonne’s “passion for compassion” and her belief in light and hope aroused renewed light and hope for me. Keep shining LOVEon!

  10. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your truly amazing story. I also appreciate your definitely shines through. Heartfelt love and wishes your way.

  11. That was very moving and so beautiful!!! You are an amazingly strong woman! Brought tears to my eyes and hope in my heart. Just listening to you and watching you brings such a calming feeling over me. Even with something as powerful and moving as your story. I am sure you bring and will continue to bring peace to those in the face of tragedy! Thank you for your strength and courage to share and help others.

  12. Lavonne,

    I feel honored to know you. I love how you turn a tragedy into a love story. In sharing your story you honor not only your own sweet angel but also honor all the angels that are no longer here in the physical form. I know that through the insight you give to those who are walking through this process they receive a beautiful message of love. To anyone that is grieving a little bit of peace and healing is a magical gift. Thank you! Thank you! ❤️

  13. Omg, wow. As a mother to 5 angel babies, this video resonated with me on all levels. Warning! You’ll need a box of tissues for this beautiful video. Well done, LaVonne! You’re an inspiration! Love you, soul sis!

  14. My beautiful soul sister. This woman is a powerful creator and healer. She has assisted me in my grief, and understands my heart. I am proud to call her friend. If you are struggling,reach out to Yvonne. She is one of the most spiritual souls on the planet. Thank you Yvonne for all you do !!!

  15. Lavonne, you are a beautiful light in this world. Thank you for your strength and grace. As you help others heal it is my prayer that your life is blessed with joy and happiness.

  16. You are a very strong and powerful woman. You inspite and amaze me every day I know you. I love you my sweet daughter in law.❤

  17. LaVonne you most certainly are a strong woman! This brings tears to my eyes as I think of how you were able to listen to the spirit of little Keva and carry out her purpose in this world, to assist others in their grieving. She walks with you daily and I know you have made her proud!

  18. LaVonne’s story touches the hearts of sooooo many! Not only because of the deeply moving life experience she shares, but also because of the depth of her caring and sincere desire to bring Light to all those she engages with. Thank you LaVonne for following your heart through your own healing process as you share your gifts and support others along their healing journey.


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