Leonardo DiCaprio scares Jonah Hill on the street in New York

22nd SAG Awards
Leonardo DiCaprio / Photo Courtesy: TNT

NEW YORK, Aug. 3 (UPI) — Leonardo DiCaprio showed off his playful side on Monday when he was spotted surprising — and then hugging — his “The Wolf of Wall” Street¬†costar Jonah Hill in New York’s West Village.

Hill was standing on the sidewalk checking his phone when DiCaprio spotted him.

DiCaprio whipped out his own phone and ran up to Hill pretending to snap photos, which visibly startled the star. Once Hill realized it was his Oscar-winning pal and not a crazed fan, the two hugged and laughed.

Up next for Hill is an appearance in the animated adult comedy,¬†“Sausage Party.”

DiCaprio won an Oscar for his work in the 2015 film “The Revenant.”


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