Marilyn Monroe’s script for ‘Something’s Got to Give’ sells for $25K

UPI journalist Vernon Scott is seen here interviewing Marilyn Monroe in an undated UPI file photo from 1953. A script for Monroe's unfinished 1962 film "Something's Got to Give" sold this week for $25,000. Photo by UPI

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 17 (UPI) — A script covered in the late Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe‘s handwritten notes has been sold for $25,000.

The screenplay was for Monroe’s final role in the unfinished 1962 film, “Something’s Got to Give.” The troubled actress worked with Dean Martin on George Cukor‘s screwball comedy, but was fired for being disruptive and unreliable.

The movie was shelved after Martin refused to act opposite anyone other than Monroe. She died of a drug overdose less than two months later at the age of 36.

“The script provides distinct insight into the actress’ creative thinking process,” Nate D. Sanders Auctions said in a press release. “It features Monroe’s handwritten notes in pencil and green ink. Monroe’s notes appear on 42 pages and include simple dialog corrections, in-depth sense memory notes and more. Back cover notes include Monroe’s comments, ‘Joke writers Mel Brooks / Herb Gardner / Need spice / raisins / Need some funny lines.”’


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