Mayim Bialik joins The Slow Mo Guys to smash fruit with magnets

Mayim Bialik appeared on The Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel Thursday to smash fruit and other food items. File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI

Feb. 1 (UPI) — “The Big Bang Theory” star Mayim Bialik joined The Slow Mo Guys of YouTube fame to smash together various food items using powerful magnets.

The trio are seen in the video, posted Wednesday, sliding together magnets from opposite sides of a wooden table until they connect in the middle to smash a piece of fruit.

The first demonstration featured an orange getting completely obliterated into mush. The magnet plates then needed to be carefully separated using a wooden plank.

A second demonstration using an apple instead crushed one of the magnets. A slow-motion replay showed the destructive collision may have been caused by one of the magnets becoming loose beforehand.

Bialik then suggested a third demonstration using two latex gloves filled with sausage. The epic high-five moment between the two meat-filled gloves did not present a messy incident, however.

The Slow Mo Guys, consisting of hosts Gav and Dan, are known for uploading videos in super slow-motion.


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