‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Creator Starts Kickstarter Campaign To Bring It Back

'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Creator Starts Kickstarter Campaign
Photo Courtesy: mS3K Kickstarter

November 10, 2015 (Gephardt Daily) — For those of us who have missed “Mystery Science Theater 3000” (MS3K), it’s creator Joel Hodgson has some good news.

Hodgson is announcing his beloved cult creation “Mystery Science Theater 3000” is coming back to TV a 15-year hiatus, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“We’ve been talking about doing this for five years now, so it’s taken a long, long time to get it to happen,” Hodgson told EW in phone interview.

“The crowdfunding is kind of this big gathering, and not only is it gathering the audience but it’s also gathering together the people who want to get involved,” said Hodgson.

Those who he hopes to get involved include past cast members and writers, as well as a brand new cast that includes a fresh host as well as a new mad scientist and new voices for famous wise-cracking robots Tom Servo and Crow.

“Basically, I’m trying to blend the old with the new,” said Hodgson. “Mystery Science Theater has already refreshed itself once with a completely new cast, so I think it deserves to do that again. The original cast is going to be invited back to write, produce, and do cameos as their mad science characters, and then there’s a new cast with new talent.”

Entertainment Weekly added, “‘Mystery Science Theater 3000′ was originally launched as a public access TV show, it was picked up by the Comedy Channel (Now Comedy Central), only to be canceled after seven seasons. A letter-writing campaign saved it from oblivion, and it spent three more seasons on Syfy (then called the Sci-Fi Channel) before shuffling off the TV schedule.”

For more details and / or to contribute to the “Mystery Science Theater 300” crowdfunding campaign, go to Bring Back MST3K.


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