‘MythBusters’ Will End After Season 14

Photo Courtesy: Discovery Channel

SAN FRANCISCO – October 21, 2015 — (UPI) — “MythBusters” will come to a close after season 14.

Discovery Channel group president Rich Ross confirmed as much after Entertainment Weekly broke the news Wednesday. Co-hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have performed nearly 3,000 experiments over 267 episodes of the science show thus far.

MythBusters is and always will be an incredibly important part of Discovery’s history,” Ross said in a statement. “Adam and Jamie are enormous talents who have brought learning and science to the forefront of this network.”

Season 14 will air in 2016, and back episodes of the series will move to the Science Channel the same year. Savage and Hyneman addressed the news in a video on the show’s Facebook page, and admitted they knew the end was near in an interview with EW.

“We knew it [was ending] at the beginning of 2015,” Savage said. “So we’ve been filming the last season episodes all year long. I can tell you I’ve been going through all the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross stages of grief — anger, acceptance denial — it’s all been happening.”

“There’s an emphasis on looking back,” Hyneman said of the final episodes. “We could do a Ph.D. dissertation on the things we’re tackling. We’ve tried to go as deeply as possible into the things we’re doing and gave them the respect and care they deserve.”


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