“Mythica”: From Utah to Internet TV Screens

Mythica A Quest For Heroes

 “Mythica”: From Utah to Internet TV Screens

Mythica A Quest For HeroesSharpen your swords and ready your spells as the explosive fantasy film “Mythica” debuts as CONtv’s first-ever original movie. The first episode of a three-movie series, “Mythica: A Quest For Heroes,” will premiere March 31 exclusively on CONtv, the on-demand streaming channel celebrating all things Comic-Con.

Starring fan favorite Kevin Sorbo (“Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” “Gene Rodenberry’s Andromeda”), the next two installments in the film trilogy, “Mythica: The Darkspore” and “Mythica: The Necromancer” will be released exclusively on CONtv later this year.

From sci-fi and action-adventure powerhouse Arrowstorm Entertainment, the CONtv original movie conjures a captivating world that mixes magic with explosive adventure.

Filmed in Utah and directed by Anne K. Black (“The Crown and the Dragon”), the first film “Mythica: A Quest For Heroes” also stars Melanie Stone (“Survivor”), Jake Stormoen (“The Christmas Dragon”), Nicola Posener (“Dawn of the Dragonslayer”), and Adam Johnson (“Dragonfyre”).

With its stellar practical effects and the full visual effects of blockbuster genre films, “Mythica” garnered loyal fan support via a successful Kickstarter campaign.

“’Mythica’ captures the thrill of the role-playing game experience: forming an underdog team of disparate heroes to win fortune and glory. It was made by true fans, for true fans,” says Arrowstorm Executive Kynan Griffin. “Fan support from the Kickstarter campaign is a crucial driving force in the creation and success of the Mythica franchise.”

The Story of Mythica

Inspired by her Wizard mentor Gojun (Kevin Sorbo), Marek (Stone) escapes indentured servitude and overcomes physical limitations to hone her own mysterious powers. When the beautiful Priestess Teela (Posener) falls victim to a massive Ogre, Marek rallies a misfit team of adventurers, including Thane the Warrior (Johnson) and Dagen the Thief (Stormoen), to join her in a fight to save her sister and their Legacy.

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“As this skillfully created, sweeping fantasy epic touches on the myths and legends that appear in some of the most popular role playing games, comics, video games, and more, ‘Mythica’ is the perfect choice as CONtv’s first original feature film,” said Erick Opeka, EVP and GM for CONtv.

“So many fantasy stories, especially movies, are dominated by male protagonists. Mythica turns this convention on its head, featuring a strong and complex female hero in the lead. Exploring her story and relationships in a male-dominated fantasy universe makes ‘Mythica’ compelling and unique,” says Director Anne K. Black.

“Mythica” joins the growing slate of CONtv originals including Bruce Campbell’s (“The Evil Dead”) trivia game show “Last Fan Standing,” the YouTubers vs. zombies spoof reality competition “Fight Of The Living Dead” and the adrenaline-fueled action series that follows original Green Power Ranger Jason David Frank, “My Morphing Life.”

With an ongoing commitment to debut fan-driven exclusive content, CONtv will be rolling out new and exclusive programming created by and for the fan space on a monthly basis.


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