Naomie Harris on ‘Collateral Beauty’ role: ‘It really helped me grow’

British actress Naomie Harris attends the premiere of "Collateral Beauty" at Vue, Leicester Square in London on December 15, 2016. Photo by Rune Hellestad/ UPI

NEW YORK, Dec. 17 (UPI) — British actress Naomie Harris says she was intrigued by the story at the heart of “Collateral Beauty,” even though she has never lost a loved one in her own personal life.

“I haven’t really suffered a death in my life and I think that is one of the things that attracted me to the piece because I think that death is such an important part of life. I think only when you come to terms with death can you really appreciate the fragility and, also, the beauty of life. And, so, I was interested in going on a journey that would explore that,” Harris said at a recent press conference in Manhattan.

Written and produced by Allen Loeb and directed by David Frankel, the contemporary, New York-set film follows grieving Howard [played by Will Smith] who writes letters to Time, Love and Death after he loses his young daughter, then is shocked when people claiming to be these entities show up and attempt to guide him through his heartbreak.

Harris plays the woman who leads the grief-support group Howard watches from afar but avoids actually joining. Rounding out the movie’s stellar ensemble are Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Michael Pena, Keira Knightley and Edward Norton.

“Collateral Beauty” is in theaters now. Harris was nominated for a Golden Globe Award this week for her performance in another movie, “Moonlight,” which is also up for the Globe for Best Picture — Drama.


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