Patrick Stewart Kisses Conan O’Brien On “Conan”

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18 (UPI) — Patrick Stewart delighted fans by kissing Conan O’Brien on Monday’s episode of “Conan”.

The 75-year-old English actor gave the 52-year-old American late-night host a big smooch after O’Brien commented on Stewart’s recent kiss with longtime friend and “X-Men” co-star Ian McKellen at the London premiere of Mr. Holmes.

“I knew what I was doing, [but] it took Ian by surprise,” the actor said of the red carpet lip-lock. “We are very good friends and quite intimate friends … I did [initiate it] because it seemed appropriate and that is how we greet one another or say goodbye.”

“Ian isn’t the only one,” he jokingly added. “I don’t want you to think I am a one-man guy … I think I’d go for Sir Sean [Connery]. Maybe a bit of tongue there. [I am] entirely [comfortable kissing men,] but I don’t do it with strangers.”


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