Peter Facinelli: Patrick Stewart grew out his hair for ‘Wilde Wedding’

Cast member Patrick Stewart, the voice of Poop in the animated "The Emoji Movie" attends the premiere of the film in Los Angeles on July 23. File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI

Sept. 13 (UPI) — Peter Facinelli can list many reasons to see his new comedy, “The Wilde Wedding,” which co-stars Glenn CloseJohn Malkovich and Patrick Stewart.

“Everyone can relate to this story in the sense that they all have family and they all know what it’s like to have these family get-togethers, so I think it will be fun for people to watch,” Facinelli told UPI in a phone interview this week. “But, even more so, Glenn and John haven’t done a movie together since [1988’s] ‘Dangerous Liaisons,’ so what a treat to be able to watch the two of them on screen together and then you throw in Patrick Stewart with hair. … The three of them is the biggest reason. It is a master class of just watching these masters work. That and this wonderful script written by Damian equals a good time.”

Writer-director Damian Harris, who is the son of the late film legend Richard Harris, said people seem “enthralled” and “mystified” by the fact the usually bald Stewart has a new look in his movie.

“He grew it out, by the way,” Facinelli said.

“He’s bald by choice,” Harris chimed in. “Nobody realizes he has a good head of hair.”

“He’s like the Rock,” Facinelli added.

In the film — which Harris describes as a “love letter to family” — Facinelli plays Ethan, the free-spirited son of divorced movie stars Eve and Laurence, played by Close and Malkovich.

The action unfolds as the entire Wilde clan gathers at Eve’s Hamptons home on the weekend of her planned wedding to Stewart’s author character, Harold. Rounding out the ensemble are Minnie Driver, Jack Davenport, Grace Van Patten and Noah Emmerich.

Facinelli said one of his favorite parts of the production was the big group scenes they shot when most of the cast was present.

“We had such a blast filming all night. It was really, really fun,” the actor said, referring to part of the movie where everyone eats, drinks, dances and talks during Eve and Harold’s rehearsal dinner, all while Driver’s character Priscilla sings.

“Even when we weren’t shooting, everybody was kind of hanging out. We were always bonding when we were either on camera or off camera. … I really like that,” he said, recalling how he and his co-stars also had a particularly memorable time shooting on a beach.

“I remember we had these little rooms somewhere and Patrick Stewart was just kind of like sitting on a little apple box in his room. He’s like: ‘Come on in! Have some tea!’ It was such a wonderful environment. It was great to work like that and see that. When people are there for the love of the project, it’s a lot different than when they are there for a paycheck.”

“The Wilde Wedding” opens in theaters Friday.


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