Radio station tells Grammy-winner Annie Lennox she has ‘potential’

July 1 (UPI) — Four-time Grammy-winning singer Annie Lennox shared an email she received from a Los Angeles radio station claiming she has “potential.”

Lennox shared a photo of an email from a radio station employee who apparently believed they had “discovered” the veteran musician and sought to offer a spot in their rotation.

“I think I’m in with a chance?” Lennox wrote.

The message from a new music coordinator, identified only as Kylie, boasted of the station’s monthly “100,000 unique listeners” and requested some of Lennox’s music.

“I came across your music online and really like what I heard!” Kylie wrote. “I find artists who I think have potential and get them in rotation on our station. If you’d like, please send over the MP3 for your latest single.”

While Lennox poked fun at the idea of being contacted for her “potential” after decades in the music industry, she warned young artists of falling victim to similar “scams.”

“I’d urge any new (or indeed established) artists to send that kind of email straight to your trash,” Lennox wrote. “Companies reaching out cold to help you, sending emails that are clearly formulaic with links asking for cash to upload your tracks are a very dodgy business indeed and not one I want to see anyone fall foul of.”


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