Salt Lake Filmmakers Help Homeless In Nepal

Photo Courtesy: FiftyFilms

SALT LAKE CITY, April 18, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Rick and Kathy McFarland are using their latest film, “Highway to Dhampus,” to help the homeless in Nepal.

Rick McFarland, writer and director of the film, first went to Nepal to make a movie. While there, he saw poverty first-hand, and was changed in ways he would have never imagined.

The result of his trips to Nepal is the award-winning film, “Highway to Dhampus,” a beautiful and compelling drama about love, redemption, change, and giving.

In an interview Gephardt Daily, Rick and his wife, Kathy McFarland, chatted about the importance of raising awareness,  and helping the victims in Nepal.

Kathy McFarland, who created the organization “Mind the Gap” said, “Our goal is to raise just $12,000 to build 15 homes for 15 needy families.”

“We already have some homes being built, but we need to complete the project before the monsoon season hits,” she said.

A benefit screening of the award-winning film, “Highway to Dhampus,” will raise money to build the 15 homes in Nepal for 15 families who were left homeless last year on April 25 due to the devastating earthquake.

The film will be screened on April 25 — on the anniversary of the day (on the day the earthquake hit the poverty-stricken country — in selected theaters around the country.

Tickets can be purchased by using this link — Highway to Dhampus Benefit Screening.

Rebuilding Homes in Nepal Video Below:

“Highway to Dhampus” Trailer Below:


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