‘SNL’ lampoons ‘Les Miserables’ with hilarious lobster sketch

April 16 (UPI) — This weekend’s edition of “Saturday Night Live” included a parody of “Les Miserables” with a 40-year-old diner lobster standing in for the hunted hero Jean Valjean.

It all started when Pete Davidson and Chris Redd sat down to eat and Davidson told the waiter — played by guest host John Mulaney — that he wanted to order the lobster.

After the waiter and Redd expressed surprise that Davidson would order lobster in such a casual eatery, Mulaney shouted: “Alright, everyone. The time has come. We’ve got an order here for lobster.”

Kenan Thompson — dressed as a lobster in 18th century attire and standing in a water tank — is then pushed out into the restaurant. He proceeds to ponder his fate to the tune of “Who Am I?” from “Les Miserables” as the camera pans to Davidson, who can be seen laughing hysterically.

Soon after, Kate McKinnon, also dressed as a lobster, performed her parody of the heartbreaking ballad “Castle on a Cloud.”

The sketch ends with a showstopper, featuring all the diner staff building a barricade to save the lobster. The song sounds like, “Do You Hear the People Sing?” but actually contains the lyrics: “Do you hear the lobster scream? Screaming the scream of scalding flames. It is the screaming of a lobster and this dummy’s here to blame. When the churning in your bowels matches the burning of his shell, you’ll know why lobsters in a diner never sell.”

Davidson finally conceded: “Alright, alright! Forget the lobster,” as the restaurant staff and lobsters cheered.

“Colin Jost and I wrote Lobster Diner in 2010,” Mulaney, who is a former SNLwriter, tweeted. “Simon Rich, Marika Sawyer and I wrote (the sketch) Switcheroo in 2009. Neither went past the table. Both made it to air tonight. Thanks @nbcsnl for letting us bring back those beloved orphans.”


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