‘Squid Game’ reality competition launches, seeking contestants

From left, Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo), Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) and Sae-byeok (Ho-yeon) live in the barracks between games. Photo courtesy of Netflix

June 14 (UPI) — Netflix announced the reality competition series “Squid Game: The Challenge” on Tuesday. The game show is based on the Korean drama “Squid Game.”

The game show will enter 456 contestants for the grand prize of $4.56 million dollars. That’s the same number of contestants in the drama, but an American dollar adaptation of the show’s 45.6 billion won prize in Korean money.

Netflix confirms contestants could be “going home empty-handed” — so they will not die if they lose.

“Squid Game” is about a competition of childhood games for a cash prize. On the drama, the losers are executed.

“Squid Game” used games like Red Light Green Light, Honeycomb and Marbles. Netflix promises some games inspired by the show plus new surprises.

Like “Squid Game,” contestants in “The Challenge” will be encouraged to form alliances with other players to help eliminate the competition. Contestants can apply at SquidGameCasting.com

Netflix renewed “Squid Game” for Season 2 on Sunday.


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