Star Trek Actor Pushes for New Series: Muffins May be the Answer

Star Trek Actor Pushes for New Series
Courtesy: Paramount Television

Star Trek Actor Pushes for New Series: Muffins May be the Answer

“Star Trek: The Next Generation’s” Michael Dorn, who played Klingon Starfleet officer Worf, is trying to launch a new TV series currently entitled: “Star Trek: The Worf Chronicles.”


The proposed show follows the further adventures of Worf and may include some fan favorites from any one of the “Star Trek” TV series.

CBS, which owns the television rights to the franchise, maybe entertaining the idea. After all it’s been about a decade since a new “Star Trek” TV show has been produced.

But CBS is remaining very closed-mouthed about any new series.

“We had to figure a way to get their attention,” said “The Cinema Source’s” Dan Deevy, who is working with Dorn on the project. “We figured a nice way to grab their attention is to work with the fans and send CBS about 100,000 mini muffins.”

Dorn added: “The muffins are a good idea, in that we’ll overwhelm them with fan support of the project and then turn all the muffins over to a homeless shelter and feed people.”

“It’s a very ‘Star Trekky’ thing to do,” Deevy added. “We’re looking for Star Trek fans to rally and send in as many mini muffins as they can to prove they want a new series.”

Dorn added “I don’t own the character ‘Worf,’ but I think those that do will at least listen to the fans of the show.”

If you’d like to help out, just log onto for information.



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