Supreme Court To Hear Class Action Suit Over Xbox

Suit Over Xbox

WASHINGTON, Jan. 16 (UPI) — The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a class action lawsuit against Microsoft from Xbox users who alleged the game system damages game disks.

The suit claims that a flaw in the design of the system causes disks to spin erratically, permanently damaging them. NBC News reported a federal judge threw out the lawsuit in 2012, saying that there were not enough plaintiffs in the case for it to qualify as a class action.

Microsoft argues that only 0.4 of users reported the disk scratching issue, and that the damage was due to misuse, not a flaw in the consoles.

The Tech Times reported the court will review a ruling made last year by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on whether or not plaintiffs can challenge a lower court decision denying plaintiffs class status. The Supreme Court petitioned the lower court for documents related to the case in October, and agreed Friday to rule on the specific issue of class status.

The Supreme Court agreed Friday to hear the case, and has set a decision date for July 20.


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