Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Share A Very Public Private Moment

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 26 (UPI) — Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris locked eyes during a concert in Los Angeles Monday, prompting the “Bad Blood” singer to mouth the words “I love you” on stage.

Harris, 31, stood in the crowd at Swift’s sold-out concert, close to the end of the catwalk stage on which Taylor finished her show. After taking a few bows and courtesies, Swift stopped to mouth the lovey-dovey line in Harris’ direction.

Swift herself seemingly confirmed the incident of PDA on Tumblr after the show when she liked a post by an enthusiastic fan.

“TAYLOR SAID I LOVE YOU TO CALVIN HARRIS AT THE END OF THE SHOW 08/24/15,” the post’s caption read.

A Swiftie Twitter handle shared a photo of Harris standing in the crowd, smiling admiringly at his girlfriend of roughly four months.


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