‘Walking Dead’ star Lauren Cohan dissolves into tears at New York Comic Con fan event

Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan and Sonequa Martin speak at a New York Comic Con event for "The Walking Dead" on Oct. 8, 2016. Photo by Karen Butler/UPI

NEW YORK, Oct. 10 (UPI) — British actress Lauren Cohan became emotional while discussing “The Walking Dead” at a New York Comic Con event this weekend.

Panel moderator Chris Hardwick elicited tears from Cohan when he asked about how weak and fragile her usually heroic Maggie is when she, her husband Glenn [played by Steven Yeun] and several of their close friends are captured at the end of Season 6, with one of them to be revealed as beaten to death in the Season 7 premiere on Oct. 23.

“I’m in such rough shape now,” Cohan said, starting to cry.

“You guys have all been on such a huge journey with us,” she told the thousands of fans who packed the theater at Madison Square Garden Saturday. “Thank you for caring about our show and for being mad when you don’t know things. … I don’t remember your question, Chris. This is larger than our lives. This is larger than our show. This is such a privilege.”

“I don’t think anyone wants you to ever feel sad, but to see that it means this much to you is, like, a really big deal to these fans and to everyone,” Hardwick said. “You’re in rural Georgia shooting for most of the year and you kind of don’t know what’s going on in the outside world, but this is the result of your passion and everything that you’re doing. You’re making this many people happy.”


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