‘Weird Al’ Yankovic speaks for Tiny Tim in documentary trailer

Singer Tiny Tim is the subject of the documentary, "Tiny Tim: King for a Day." Photo courtesy of Juno Films

April 2 (UPI) — Juno Films released a trailer for the documentary “Tiny Tim: King for a Day.” “Weird Al” Yankovic reads the late Tiny Tim’s diaries and letters in the film.

Director Johan von Sydow collected archival footage of Tiny Tim and interviewed those close to him, such as wife Miss Sue and producer George Schlatter. Footage highlighted in the trailer includes a live performance of “Tip Toe Through the Tulips” and cover of The Doors’ “When You’re Strange.”

Born Herbert Khaury, the singer adopted the persona Tiny Tim and played ukulele while singing in a falsetto voice. The trailer features quotes from celebrities such as John Lennon saying, “Tiny Tim for president, Tiny Tim for Queen” and Johnny Depp saying, “We need to bring Tiny Tim back.”

Speakers in the documentary discuss Tiny Tim’s sexual and political ambiguity. They mention his televised wedding to his first wife, Miss Vicki, and desperation for a comeback later in his career.

“Tiny Tim: King for a Day” premiered at the 2020 Fantasia Film Festival. The film opens April 23 in theaters.


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