Will Forte confirms baby girl’s birth: ‘We love her’

April 6 (UPI) — Will Forte is a new dad.The 50-year-old actor and comedian welcomed his first child, daughter Zoe Douglas, with his fiancée, Olivia Modling, in February.

Forte shared the news during Monday’s episode of “Conan.”

“I just had a baby — well, my fiancée, Olivia, just had a baby,” the star said. “Exactly seven weeks ago, Feb. 15. Her name’s Zoe Douglas Forte.”

“We love her,” he added. “She was delivered by a doctor named Dr. Rad.”

Forte said his baby girl is “doing great.” He discussed how becoming a dad has reignited his pack rat tendencies and showed how he kept his daughter’s first dirty diaper in a specimen bag.

“I’m like, ‘I gotta save everything!'” Forte said.

Forte’s father, Reb Forte, appeared with Forte on “Wants to Be a Millionaire” in April, where he confirmed Forte and Modling’s engagement and discussed how he and Forte share a name.

“My full name is Orville Willis Forte III,” Reb Forte said. “He’s Orville Willis Forte IV. He’s currently engaged, and says if he has a boy, they’ve both agreed, it’s a possibility it would be Orville Willis Forte V. Not a decision, but a possibility.”

Forte created and starred as Phil Miller on the Fox series “The Last Man on Earth,” which ended in 2018. He voices Wolf Tobin on the animated series “The Great North.”


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