10 Ideas For An Anything-But-Boring Basement

Anything-But-Boring Basement
Photo Courtesy: Wikpedia

March 18, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — If you’re lucky enough to have a basement in your home, don’t let this prime real estate go to waste.

Whether you want to make it a family friendly hangout or a sophisticated space for adults, lifestyle website Houzz offers a range of possibilities in creating an underground gem.

Here are 10 tips for making the most of this special space:

Photo Courtesy: Houzz.com
Photo Courtesy: Wikpedia

Choose a theme

Themes can often come across as too heavy-handed in main living areas, but a basement can be a great place to let your imagination go wild. Try nautical-themed elements, such as a lifesaver-inspired pillow and photos of sailor knots.

Keep it light

Basements are often dark and dreary. Avoid this by adding can lights to the ceiling and using lighter shades of paint on the walls. If possible, add a window well to bring in natural light.

Make it multi-use

If you have a large basement and many hobbies, there’s no reason to dedicate the space to just one of them. Carve out smaller zones to satisfy everyone’s favorite pastimes. Try a dedicated craft corner and gallery wall to showcase the latest masterpieces.

Live colorfully

Though a lighter wall shade is recommended, that doesn’t mean color should be banned in a basement. This below-ground space is often a great place to test out bolder options.

Maybe hot pink is too daring for your living room? Try the look in the basement first and then consider bringing it upstairs once you’ve warmed up to it.

Encourage play

Incorporate a fun gaming element. Get rid of the mindless video games and bring in a table tennis or foosball set. These are activities the whole family can enjoy year round.

Make it cozy

Don’t skimp on the details just because this is the basement. Treat this space as you would your living room. Lay wallpaper. Hang art. Add a soft rug. Layer with pillows. These little tricks will really help to make this your family’s favorite space.

Take on renters

If you’re in search of a little extra income, consider renovating your basement and listing it for rent. Create separate areas for eating, lounging and sleeping, and enjoy the extra paper lining your pocket.

Make it for adults

Who says kids get to have all the fun? Create a space that is ideal for adult play. Set up a bar and pool table for fun Friday nights. If you have children, they can still use the space — just make sure to keep toys and clutter out of sight and out of mind.

Warm it up

By adding a fireplace to your basement, you’re adding instant warmth. Cozy up with loved ones around the hearth and share stories of your day. No TV? No problem! Your loved ones are all you need to be entertained here.

Display your souvenirs

If you’re well-traveled, consolidate all your trinkets in one area. Spruce up your basement by showcasing masks from faraway journeys. Each one brings its own conversation.


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