Create A Calm, Relaxing Space In Your Home With Simple Tips

tranquil home
A calming home can add tranquility to your life. Photo: Gephardt Daily

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, March 9, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — Life can be incredibly stressful.

One way to combat that stress is to create a tranquil personal space in your home, where you can go to relax and unwind, and reclaim a small piece of sanity.

First of all, don’t stress about making your space perfect. Second, check out these simple steps we found on They could help turn space in your home into a sanctuary to give you some peace of mind.


Finding the right color for your room with a soft tone can really help. Suggested colors range from soft tones of green or blue, warm grays or browns, or medium shades of warm pink or yellow.


Smells can really contribute to the mood of a room. Give your space a nice light fragrance with incense, air fresheners, or aromatherapy scents.

Clutter free

We all know how hard it is to relax when surrounded by clutter and messiness. Organize your space and try to get rid of unnecessary things.


Listening to relaxing music can help set a tempo of relaxation as well as drown out other sounds that could become distracting.


Candles can provide both a nice fragrance as well as the right lighting for a more tranquil setting.


You can bring a bit of real life into your space and help purify the air with adding a few potted plants for your tranquility room.


Creating the right light can make a huge difference. If you don’t have a dimmer switch for your lights, try just a small lamp to create just the perfect atmosphere.

Whether it be first thing in the morning, during the middle of the afternoon or after a long day at the office, utilizing your new space can help to create a more balanced, less stressful life.


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