25 Decorating Moves to Try This Month

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April 11, 2016 (Gephardt Daily/Houzz.com) — The transition between seasons provides the perfect excuse to update your home so that it feels fresh and reflects the change in the weather, according to How To website Houzz.com.

If you haven’t already given your interiors a seasonal spruce-up, let this be the month that you dedicate to the project. These 28 must-try decorating hacks — some fast and affordable, others requiring a bigger investment of time and money — will revive your interiors for the season and beyond.

1. Pepper your home with posies. Nothing perks up a room like a vase filled with fresh blooms. They not only add color and texture to your space, but they also infuse it with natural beauty and a pleasing fragrance.

2. Switch up your layout. Rearranging your furniture, decor and art is a small design trick that can make a big impact. Even the teeniest of tweaks — such as moving furniture away from your walls or transferring a large artwork from its original position to another wall — will re-energize your space and make it feel like new again.

3. Give your shelves a bright update. Jazz up plain shelves by painting the back of the display case an eye-popping hue or a quartet of different colors. Alternatively, line the wall or back panels with patterned wallpaper for a graphic look.

Photo Courtesy: Amazon.com
Photo Courtesy Amazoncom

4. Try a statement-making mat. A conversation-starting typographic doormat will add style to any front entrance. They’re practical too; a doormat like the one pictured here will also stop dirt, debris, mud and water in their tracks, which will make cleaning your home easier.

5. Bring your bathroom to life with bright towels. Pep up pared-back bathrooms by replacing your plain old towels with new ones in room-reviving hues or punchy patterns. These cheery yellow towels do the job nicely.

6. Introduce practical and appealing entry storage. A messy entry doesn’t make for a good first impression. A foolproof way to banish clutter and infuse your entrance with a warm and welcoming vibe is to incorporate smart and stylish storage into the zone. Not only does the space-savvy organizer provide a handy spot to stash jackets, scarves, hats, umbrellas and other cold-weather gear, but it doubles as attention-grabbing wall art too.

7. Dig out your Christmas lights. Use twinkle lights to imbue your interior with sparkle and a magical mood. String them across your ceiling, wrap them around exposed beams or place a strand of battery-powered lights in a tall glass vase to create a gorgeous, glittering centerpiece.

8. Make over dull doors. Give plain doors pizazz with a cheery color or an attention-grabbing motif.

Photo Courtesy: Amazon.com
Photo Courtesy Amazoncom

9. Splurge on a new shower curtain. Changing the shower curtain can transform the look and feel of your bathroom.

10. Decorate with uplifting typographic prints. Hang positive affirmations and cheery messages around your home. They’ll not only pick you up, but they’ll also ramp up the style cred of your space. Create your own, download free designs off the internet, or buy prints from online marketplaces like Etsy or Society6.

11. Paper your walls with a temporary treatment. A quick and fuss-free way to give your interiors a face-lift is to line your walls with removable wallpaper. Create an accent wall or go all out and apply the same patterned paper to all your walls. Alternatively, introduce two wallpaper designs if you want to create a dynamic, high-contrast look that really wows.

Removable wallpaper also works wonders on ceilings, a surface that’s — as you can imagine — tricky to paper using traditional treatments that require adhesive.

12. Think pink. Inject your interiors with of-the-moment style by working Rose Quartz, a heavenly blush pink, into your scheme. Crowned one of Pantone’s Colors of the Year for 2016 (it shares the honors with Serenity, a chalky blue), the chic sorbet hue lends itself to throw pillows, art and feature walls.

Another simple (and obvious) way to work this dreamy hue into your interior is with rose quartz decor.

13. Display your prized collection. Create a point of interest on a mantel, shelf or wall by showcasing similar items together. Whether you want to fashion a vignette with your favorite vases or show off your prized Pez collection, the arrangement is sure to attract the eye and lend plenty of personality to your space.

14. Give plain walls a dramatic paint job. Painting your walls is one of the simplest ways to update your interior. If plain blocks of color are too staid for you, get creative and experiment with different painting styles and techniques.

15. Go bold with a rug. A speedy way to up a room’s game is to introduce a stop-and-stare patterned rug. Besides providing color, character, texture and graphic interest, it’ll help visually anchor the space, and make it feel warm and inviting.

16. Curate an inexpensive and cheerful gallery. Creating a gallery wall needn’t be an expensive endeavor. Curate one on the cheap by commissioning your pint-size Picasso to whip up artworks for you. Reusing illustrations from old calendars, framing remnants of cool wrapping paper and downloading free printable graphics from the web are other economical options.

17. Dress up your windows
Another way to energize your space is to switch out tired window coverings with snazzy new ones. Consider investing in insulating fabrics. Heavier blinds and drapes also will prove practical during summer, as they’ll help block harsh sunlight.

Photo Courtesy: Wikipedia
Photo Courtesy Wikipedia

18. Breathe life into your home with greenery. Houseplants not only add a generous dollop of lively color and natural style to interiors, they also infuse rooms with a hip, relaxed vibe. Indoor plants are excellent air purifiers, and studies have shown that they can boost concentration and lower blood pressure — just a few reasons why it’s time to green up your home.

19. Mix and match your bedding. Having a few fun quilt covers on rotation is a no-fail way to keep your bedroom looking fresh. If, however, you want to take things to the next level, mix and match them, along with throw pillows and sheets in contrasting fabrics. My favorite pairings are floral patterns with geometric or animal prints, and polka dots or stripes with abstract geometric designs.

20. Revive dull curtains. Are your window coverings looking a tad worse for wear? Give drab or tattered neutral curtains a new lease on life by dip-dying them using fabric dye in a favorite hue or a shade that complements your color scheme. If your curtains are dark, use bleach to create an ombré effect instead.

21. Paint your trim. Punctuate intricate architectural features like floorboards, crown moldings and door frames by painting them an accent color. Choose a rich, moody tone, such as black or charcoal gray, for an ultrasophisticated look. Or pick a livelier hue to create a look with personality and playfulness.

If you go down the bright, bold color route, keep the rest of the scheme relatively pared-back. This will ensure that the colored trim remains a focal point and that the scheme doesn’t look too garish and busy.

22. Upcycle old furniture. With a fresh coat of paint and new handles or upholstery, you can transform any old piece of furniture into something worthy of display. Hunt around your home for items that could do with a face-lift, or scour secondhand shops, online classifieds or the streets on trash day for items that you can pick up for a song — or better yet, for free!

23. Create a headboard. Is your bedroom totally snooze-worthy — and not in a good way? Awaken your scheme by framing your mattress with a striking headboard. There’s no need to splurge on a pricey one; you can make your own. This rustic creation is fashioned from a piece of live-edge wood.

24. Beautify and brighten with statement mirrors. A strategically placed statement mirror has the power to transform your space. After all, it’ll serve as a showstopping focal point, add a hint of opulence and bounce light around your room, making it appear bigger and brighter than it really is.

25. Repurpose old dishware. Rescue chipped and mismatched teacups and pots from the back of your kitchen cupboard for use as flowerpots, vases and planters. As you can see, the makeshift vessels have vintage charm and are a welcome touch, whether placed on your dining table or by your bed.


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