Make A Centerpiece For Your Easter Meal

Centerpiece For Your Easter Meal
Photo Courtesy: Wikihow

March 16, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) — When setting the table for Easter, a centerpiece can pull together the entire table theme and serve as the focal point for all the decorations.

For some, it is enough to just have a centerpiece without further decorations, while others use the centerpiece as the crowning part of the table-setting theme.

Find out what your preference is as you look through these ideas from How To website Wikihow.

Vase centerpiece

Find a small square vase with thick glass sides and base. Purchase baby carrots and cut the tops off them at roughly the same point on each one, so that only about an inch of green is left.

Wash the carrots if needed but make sure they’re dry before using. Insert as many of these carrots tip down into the glass vase until it is filled. Place in the center of the table.

If you make this on the morning of the day of your meal, these carrots can be refrigerated again in the evening, washed again and used for eating.

Glass container centerpiece

Find an interesting glass container, such as a bowl or a candy holder. Insert a small nest into the center and place some eggs into the nest.

Tie a ribbon in the same color as the eggs around the glass container. Place in the center of the table.

Photo Courtesy: Wikihow
Photo Courtesy: Wikihow

Dinner or side plates of dyed eggs also look lovely as a simple centerpiece.

Carton or basket of eggs centerpiece

Turn a carton or basket of eggs into a centerpiece. This can be a simple addition to the table if you have a nice egg carton or basket.

For the basket, simply arrange the eggs neatly. They can be plain or dyed, as preferred. Place in the center of the table.

Fill each hole of the egg carton with dyed Easter eggs. You can sit them on Easter grass in each hole if desired. Place the open egg carton onto a display plate or tray and add a few fluffy chicks around the tray. Place in the center of the table.

Glass bowl centerpiece

Pile items into a glass bowl. This is a simple but very effective way to create a centerpiece.

To ease the hard base of the glass bowl, it’s a good idea to place Easter grass first, then add such items as dyed eggs, yarn balls dyed in Easter colors, candies, shells, cookies, chocolate eggs, etc.

Photo Courtesy: Wikihow
Photo Courtesy: Wikihow

Mason jar centerpiece

Use Mason jars or other large, pretty jars. As with glass bowls, clear glass jars can serve as a wonderful inspiration for centerpieces.

Either fill with spring flowers and sprinkle eggs around or try one of the following suggestions:

Try adding a full chocolate bunny sitting on Easter grass in the middle of a large Mason jar. This can look stunning on its own.

Make alternating layers of Easter candies that fill to the top of the Mason jar.

Make a bed of candies, then some Easter grass, and then an Easter figurine or chocolate animal seated on top.

Floral centerpiece

Place flowers as the centerpiece. Flowers are always appreciated as a table decoration and spring is an ideal time to indulge in a few favorites, like tulips and daffodils.

You could simply stick them into a vase, but arranging the flowers in an interesting way can improve their impact. Some ideas include:

Find a glass vase. Place glass pebbles in an Easter color (use clear if you don’t like the colors) at the base. Then arrange a row of peeps facing outward around the jar. Insert a bunch of flowers at the top.

Since adding water is not a great idea with the peeps in the jar, this arrangement should be made just before placing on the table and then the flowers can be returned to water after the meal. (Note: candies in Easter colors can be substituted for the glass pebbles.)

Arrange flowers around a cake stand (see above).

Find a nest basket and fill it with flowers. Use a low, round vase to place the flowers in, or simply cut the flowers down low and place in just prior to adding to the table.
Use artificial flowers in an arrangement if you can’t get real flowers.

Heirloom centerpiece

Find an heirloom Easter piece and put it in the center of the table. In some families, pieces associated with holidays are passed down, such as a ceramic animal figurine or a decorated ceramic egg.

If it is a large enough piece, it might be enough on its own, or easily spruced up with ribbon or flowers. If it’s small, work it into a display using other Easter items.

Cake stand centerpiece

Use a cake stand. A cake stand can be turned into various different centerpiece styles, depending on whether you use one or more cake stands.

For a simple cake stand display, use one cake stand. Place Easter grass on the base and a bunny or chick figurine in the center. Add a few dyed eggs here and there around the outer edge of the stand.

For a more elaborate cake stand display, follow the previous suggestion but rest the cake stand inside an egg wreath, with the eggs coming up to the base of the cake stand.

Make a cascading cake stand display. Place another cake stand on top of the base cake stand. Insert blooms into egg cups and place these at even intervals around the lower cake stand. Either repeat this formation for the upper cake stand, or add one larger arrangement in a low vase or bowl.

Place eggs in a glass bowl or small glass pitcher on the cake stand.

Place as many tall glasses as will fit on the cake stand onto it. Fill with water, then add a single long-stemmed flower into each glass. Be sure to make this one right on the spot of where you intend it to be, as it will be heavy.

A variation on this is to place a glass vase in the middle with a larger bunch of flowers, then surround this vase with a series of glasses with single flowers.

Photo Courtesy: Wikihow
Photo Courtesy: Wikihow

Easter tree centerpiece

Make an Easter tree for the centerpiece. When making it, choose to either leave it natural (the original wood) or to paint it white or a pastel color that fits with the table setting theme.

Attach Easter themed decorations to the tree and place in a sturdy container that will hold up the Easter tree easily. Place in the middle of the table.

Make a deluxe Easter tree centerpiece. Decorate this tree with bunnies, chicks and eggs. Tie these decorations with ribbon so that they dangle down toward the table, as with a Christmas tree.

Make a minimalist Easter tree centerpiece. Use small branches and keep them natural. Add only a few key decorative objects to the tree.

Long strands of blossom can make a decorative Easter tree centerpiece. Snip long lengths from the tree, add Easter decorations and place in the container.

Be inspired

The above ideas scratch the surface of what is possible by way of a centerpiece. The best things to keep in mind include:

• Aim to keep it inexpensive. Reuse or upcycle whatever you already have around the home.

• Try to use items from your own garden and cooking where possible, to give it an authentic feel.

• Avoid overdoing the centerpiece. It’s great to make it the talk of the table but not to have people banging their heads on it or knocking it over every time they go to eat or pass the salt.

• Try to work in heirlooms. These are a way of connecting to the past and remembering people you care about who are no longer with you.


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