120 mph chase ends in multi-car crash, injuries in Santaquin

A 120 mph chase on Interstate 15 led to a multi-vehicle crash in Utah County on Saturday night, June 30, 2018. Photo: Utah Highway Patrol

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UTAH COUNTY, Utah, June 30, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — A 120 mph chase on Interstate 15 led to a multi-vehicle crash in Utah County on Saturday night, and first responders reported serious injuries.

The crash happened just before 9 p.m. on the I-15 Main Street off ramp in Santaquin.

The chase began after law enforcement officers spotted a Dodge truck reported stolen out of Payson.

Utah Highway Patrol dispatch was notified at about 8:52 p.m. that a Utah County Sheriff’s deputy was pursuing the truck southbound on I-15 near milepost 248, a UHP news release says.

Prior to that, Salem police officers had attempted to stop the truck and the driver fled. Salem police terminated their pursuit.

UCSO deputies located the truck and began a second pursuit, with the driver entering I-15 southbound.

Officers pursued the vehicle on I-15 southbound for an estimated 15 minutes at speeds often exceeding 100 mph.

The truck got off I-15 at Santaquin Main Street, Exit 244, and collided with an eastbound vehicle in the intersection in what was described as a “T-bone crash.”

Sheriff’s deputies called for a medical helicopter and ground ambulance after finding a 17-year-old woman pinned inside the wreckage of the eastbound vehicle. She suffered critical injuries and was transported by medical helicopter to a local trauma center.

The driver of the stolen truck, a 17-year-old male, also was injured during the crash and was transported to a local hospital.

Utah County Sheriff’s Office is conducting the criminal investigation related to the vehicle theft, pursuit, and crash. The Utah Highway Patrol is conducting the crash scene investigation.

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  1. This is OUTRAGEOUS!! Why do we still allow high speed pursuits? It is CRIMINAL. You cannot tell me that apprehending the driver of the stolen truck was worth the horrific injuries that 17 yr old driver has suffered. Her life is forever changed. The officers risked countless lives for what? A damn truck? There are any number of ways they could have handled the situation. Radio ahead, send out a helicopter, or God forbid, LET IT GO!!. It certainly wasn’t worth this young womans health. Who knows what she will have to go thru to heal. Critical injuries. CRITICAL. These officers should be ashamed. To protect and serve. That is their job. Not to endanger citizens. And yes it never would have happened if the truck hadn’t been stolen but at the end of the day I’d rather he got away than what this young woman will now have to endure physically and mentally for their insane aggressiveness. Let’s not forget It could have been so much worse. High speed pursuits should be outlawed immediately.

    • Thank you, finally someone else sees the bigger picture in this. I agree 100percent that this man was wrong for stealing the truck but for the life of me I can not wrap my head around what the police officer who is sworn to oath to PROTECT and serve the community was thinking when he tried to pit manuivar a truck at a intersection with a stop light where the chance of other vichales with innocent civilians would be. WHY?? Again the man was wrong for stealing the truck but my opinion is that our wonderful law enforcement is the ones at fault here another fine example that they believe they can do as they please. The driver of the truck should be charged for stealing the truck and the idiot driving the police car should be charged for causing this horrible accident. But all of his wrong choices will be swept under the rug allowing him to get behind the wheel to do it again!!!! How Pathetic is that???? Makes me sick!!!!! Prayers for the families involved….

    • I believe that you are wrong in what you just said you’re right about the police officers job to protect and serve they tried to stop the truck from doing what it did which was hitting another car and that is trying to protect

  2. Thank you to the officers who risked their lives to keep us and our streets safe.. Prayers go out to the family of the poor victim❤

  3. This is sickening as you have stated …. the poor victim now has to deal with physical, emotional and mental issues for a long, long time. And who is going to deal with insurance companies for her injuries and her totaled vehicle – so that means her family is going to be deeply involved. It wasn’t a high speed chase because of a shooting/killing but a stolen vehicle that could have been found later. If I remember correctly, this is the same intersection where the killers of Officer Corey Wride were stopped. So sad, many prayers are needed.

  4. Don’t ya think this is rediculous!!! Santaquin police are way outta control as well as the sheriffs around here they just do whatever the fuck they want this piece of shit sherrif should be charged with murder!!!!! They’re so bored around here they have to do stuff like this!!! Hope he’s real proud of himself and I hope he’s haunted for the rest of his life!!! It needs to change they’re out of control.


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