2 men, woman taken into custody after tense VFAST standoff in Millcreek

Photo: Gephardt Daily/Monico Garza/SLC Scanner

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Aug. 13, 2021 (Gephardt Daily) — Two men and a woman were taken into custody after a tense VFAST standoff in Millcreek Thursday night.

Probable cause statements from the 3rd District Court of Salt Lake County said Aaron Christopher Archuleta, 29, and Alex Junior Archuleta, 54, are both facing one charge of obstruction of justice, a class A misdemeanor. The woman, Annie Archuleta, was taken into custody by Adult Probation and Parole.

The arresting officer from Unified Police Department was dispatched Thursday at 7:44 p.m. to a residence in the area of 1400 E. 3900 South regarding a domestic disturbance investigation reported by a neighbor.

When the officer arrived, he spoke with the neighbor. She said she was outside on her front porch smoking when she heard a female yell, “give me my money and get the f— out,” the statement said.

“She said the female repeated over and over,” the statement said. “She said after she heard the yelling, a scuffle ensued. She said the scuffle made her believe the female was getting beaten.”

The officer then knocked on the door of the suspect residence.

“While knocking on the door, a male, later identified as Alex Archuleta, came to the front window facing 3900 South,” the statement said. “He began yelling I need a warrant to speak with him. He refused to open the door. Alex retreated back into the house. I knocked on the door and the front bay window facing 3900 South again. Another male came to the door, later identified as Aaron Archuleta. Aaron kept yelling, just like Alex, to get a warrant; they were not going to open the door.”

The officer tried to explain that he wasn’t there to search the house, but because someone had reported a possible domestic violence incident, the statement said. The two men opened a side window and said they were fine; they said no women live in the home. Alex Archuleta said his wife had moved to Sacramento, California.

“While waiting for Alex and or Aaron to open the door, we were able to run history at the address and run license plates to two vehicles in the driveway,” the statement said. Officers were able to identify both men and the woman in question and obtain phone numbers for them.

“During the waiting period, I continued to try and speak with Alex and Aaron about the possible domestic complaint I received. Unfortunately, both Alex and Aaron continued to refuse to speak with police and kept requesting a warrant,” the statement said.

Phone contact was established with the men and the officer explained he was trying to find out that if there was female in the house, that she was unharmed. Eventually, Annie Archuleta, who was in the suspect residence, was able to contact another officer and spoke with him on the phone.

Because the woman was a parole fugitive, AP&P was called and consulted about the situation. AP&P determined through a ping on the woman’s phone they were able to apprehend the woman due to her fugitive status. The Violent Fugitive Apprehension Team was called through AP&P.

Another phone conversation with Alex Archuleta was established; during the phone call, the arresting officer informed him the female suspect was a fugitive, and therefore they were harboring a fugitive in the house. Alex Archuleta then hung up the phone.

VFAST arrived at the address and they took control of the scene, the statement said. VFAST began callouts using a PA system; they identified themselves and informed the occupants of the residence they had a warrant.

Multiple callouts were made to the occupants to exit the house with their hands up, but they were ignored, the statement said.

“VFAST deployed some O.C. (oleoresin capsicum) (aka pepper spray) in the house to try and encourage the occupants to exit the home,” the statement said. “During this time, Aaron came to the window and began yelling and calling the police, piece of s—, get a real job, you f—ing bullies.” Oleoresin capsicum is also known as pepper spray.

Alex Archuleta eventually came out of the rear door of the house; he was intoxicated, the statement said. After that, four more people came out of the residence.

During the search of the home, the female suspect was found in a crawl space. Oleoresin capsicum was used to saturate the area, and she came out and was detained.

The arresting officer asked the woman about the possible domestic disturbance, she said “they were just having fun,” the statement said. She was taken into custody by AP&P.

Alex and Aaron Archuleta were transported to Salt Lake County Jail.


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